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The Kombamerri and OthersThe Kombamerri and Others
European SettlementEuropean Settlement
Two Stradbroke IslandsTwo Stradbroke Islands

Today, there are two Stradbroke Islands–North and South. Couran Cove sits across the south island.

But just over a century ago, there was only one Stradbroke Island. The gap between the islands was begun by dynamite and finished by the sea.

Back in the Pleistocene era, Stradbroke was probably joined to Moreton Island, making it easy for Aboriginal tribes to reach it from the mainland.

At least four tribes–the Kombamerri, Noonuckle, Goenpul and Quandamooka–made use of the island. Some lived there and some visited regularly from the coast, much as holiday - makers do today.

The tribes' nomadic lifestyle and sympathy with the environment allowed them to enjoy Stradbroke's bountiful resources without damaging the island.

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