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What Couran Means
The Whistling Kite
Challenges and Solutions

'You can't build a large tourist resort without damaging or destroying the surrounding environment.'
Take a moment to think about that statement. Is it true? A lot of environmentalists would agree with you.
Or is it false? If a small tourist resort can co–exist with nature–and many of the same environmentalists say it can–why not a larger one? At what exact size do the problems begin?

This web site aims to answer those questions. It looks at Couran Cove Resort, a large eco-resort built among the special mix of landscapes found on South Stradbroke Island, just off Queensland's east coast. This site charts the resort's successes and failures as an ongoing project.

Can you build a large, environmentally friendly tourist resort? By the time you've explored this web site, you should have enough information to answer the question for yourself.

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