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Monitor electricity usage. Set and attain eco-targets through ecologically sustainable practices

Explore and improve the biodiversity of your school

Recycle your school's garbage while looking at the factors affecting the success of worm farms

Design a better way to get rid of insect pests

Historical Snapshots links historical events on South Stradbroke Island to attitudes to land management on the island.

Won't Tourism Spoil the Environment? Students consider the possible effects of tourism on an island environment, especially in terms of waste management.

How Sustainable is Couran Cove?, Students develop an understanding of the complexity of issues to be considered when planning for environmental sustainability. Through a co-operative learning exercise.

Visions of Sustainability. The values of 'sustainability' and 'peace' are examined in terms of the planning for Couran Cove Resort. Students are then encouraged to envision a preferred future for a local place by translating their vision into reality.

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